Treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

الوسواس Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

What Is The Treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

It is not easy to deal with the obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). It influences not just the patients but also everyone nearby them. Due to the psychological character of this disorder, a person with OCD is usually embarrassed to reveal their sickness, which makes it more challenging to ask for help.

It is even more difficult for those around them to deal with this because of the complexity of its nature, difficult to understand, and to find help and a solution. The public is often dismissing OCD as a bad habit. Some might also believe that it is something to be embarrassed about. Someone with OCD who needs to count one to five for eight times before accessing a building, for instance, might appear natural to them, yet to others, this is strange. Some concerns require serious attention.

Firstly, it needs careful attention since it is indeed a ‘disorder.’ Besides, the well-being of OCD victims should be the central priority, as those left untreated usually trigger severe depressions. Lastly, self-injuries are generally the outcome of stubborn routines or compulsions linked with OCD, which requires treatment initially. In general, there are two techniques to deal with OCD.

Whats is OCD?

How does someone have OCD?

Genetics is one of the factors, some experts say. If a person has it, their child or other immediate family members likely have it too, even though not in the same strain. For example, a person who has an OCD of fear of germs without explainable reasons, one of their members of the family might not necessarily have the same fear but suffer other forms of OCD, for instance, the need to have things in a particular order all the time.

Firstly, OCD is about unexplained obsessions. Obsessions can be defined as thoughts or ideas repeatedly running through a person’s mind. Even though one might possess bizarre habits and fears, one does not have the power to control and get rid of them. Some OCD sufferers might experience ‘obsessions’ once in a while, whilst others every second.

Secondly, OCD is about compulsions. Compulsions are represented as movements or behaviors one assumes to overwhelm the anxieties and fears of obsessions… Usually, these compulsions are based on certain predetermined rules, which must be obeyed with extreme precisions and accuracy. Someone with OCD has close attention to detail, particularly during an ‘attack.’

The first is by medicines. The secondary approach is what is recognized as cognitive behavior therapy. Medicine treatment is a short-term solution for OCD. Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Therapy

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Therapy

are often given to OCD victims for a specific period or continuously. The side issues of this treatment are the main reasons for those who oppose this medication-based treatment. Somebody with OCD will depend on this medication during their life. It also does not upset the behavioral appearances, which is the essence of this disorder.

Cognitive behavior therapy points to behavior modifications. Developing a powerful mental and emotional energy to control the obsessions and compulsions is the primary goal of this treatment. Behavior therapy challenges a person’s tolerance and patience, so the treatment takes longer than the conventional drug treatments.

Additionally, behavior therapy treats actions of a person’s responses as a whole. It is worth noting that in behavior adjustment, there is no particular way. In each therapy plan, patients are treated separately according to unique demands and response abilities. Therefore, regular appointments with doctors are required to guarantee that proper development examinations are carried out, describing particular behavioral methods to take the OCD.


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Our medical and administrative staff provide effective and essential information to patients and their parents online for free, informing them of treatment methods and costs. With the support of online information, patients can get accurate and appropriate knowledge about treatment programs.

Our hospital also provides detailed psychological analyses of the patient’s condition and draws up an individual treatment plan with recreational and physical exercise programs. Specialized psychological treatment can be taken according to the patient’s condition, whether in the outpatient or inpatient clinics, depending on the requirements of the attending physician and the patient’s wishes.


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